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One of the pioneering companies in the debt settlement industry, Debt Settlement Company is committed to providing professional services to help consumers reduce and eliminate debt. Headquartered in San Diego, CA the Debt Settlement Company have successfully negotiated millions of dollars in unsecured consumer debt with some of the nations largest enterprises. Our legendary customer service representatives and experienced professional debt negotiators always keep your best interest in mind. We approach each case individually and inform you before and during the procedure of every possible option you might have. We are always here to answer your questions.


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Our program, MyDebtNegotiation was built upon the best previous practices and results we have experienced in helping consumers. This free e-book will be very helpful to understand the entire procedure and give you a much better idea on what to expect. We urge everyone to research any debt negotiation service before the commitment to make an educated decision.

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We have helped thousands of consumers and continue to offer the best customer service in debt settlement services. Here are some of the kind words our previous clients had to say about us.


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Our experienced client service representatives are always here to listen and answer to any of your questions. We are dedicated to let you know your options depending on your individual problems. Please call us to take advantage of a complimentary, no obligation consultation today toll free at 866-899-8736 or chat with us live by clicking the live chat button.

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mortgage interest rate interest calculator debt help mortage loan personal bankruptcy Student Loan bankrupt strives to help out the struggling individuals in debt, so that people may reduce and control their debts considerably. We follow diplomatic debt settlement strategies to help out the desperate debtors. Mostly people get involved in all kinds of debt ranging from credit card debts to mortgages; and require immediate debt settlement to live without any worries. In order to get out of debt, we employ debt negotiation as one of the most efficient methods.

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